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DadandKidsAboutPicHello Friends,
I am Jay Hiller, entrepreneur, information gatherer, publisher, marketing promoter, personal achievement coach, and inspirational-sharing provider. I have so much amazing information to share with you, and I’m also very excited in my huge desire to learn from you. I’ve always been a great believer that strength in numbers really does hold true and with the vast amount of internet friends out there, we can, and will become stronger individuals by sharing our knowledge.

My Beginning . . .
I remember all too well those days of literally gathering all the lose nickels and quarters I could and rolling pennies to go to the grocery store and empty out a baggie full of change and rolled coins just to get food for the week. I have spent several days without a place to stay and found myself sleeping under my vehicle until I could afford a rental to move into. I was bitten by some type of bugs that had my eyes so swollen that I could hardly see where I was going. I finally landed a position with a concrete company that I knew was going to be extremely hard work, and it was.

I have been a life-long aspiring entrepreneur from my very early days that I can remember, always seeking a better way to accomplish something or looking toward some future endeavor that may have life-changing success with it. I participated heavily in all types of sports in my early school days. I have to say that I really believe I learned more about self worth and about life itself from my efforts in sports than I ever learned in the classroom. I took that determination to be my best into the real world and applied this intensity to nearly everything I chose to be involved with.

My passion is personal development, personal growth and personal achievement which provides the most ultimate happiness in this precious life we have. I have purchased an enormous amount of self help materials and have read books, listened to audio, watched videos, attended seminars, taken notes and realized this is all for a purpose . . . to DREAM BIG! Now I wish to share these incredible and life-changing experiences with everyone.

For some 30 plus years, I have studied the likes of some of THE BEST including; Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf, Steven Covey, John Gray, Dale Carnegie, Robert Kiyosaki, John Maxwell, Earl Nightengale, Suze Orman, Brian Tracy, Dave Ramsey, Darren Hardy, Joel Osteen, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, John Wooden, Lloyd Conant, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Napoleon Hill and so many more.

My professional experience is in publishing and marketing, which has contributed to my motivation of helping others realize how important we are as individuals and how to reach inside and recognize that self worth is incredibly precious and powerful and we can harness and apply this to achieve nearly anything we set out to accomplish. I published magazines and motivational materials to thousands of readers willing to take the challenges we all face everyday and turn those into goals that empower each of us to take action and ACHIEVE.

My Why . . .
My true passion comes from the pleasure of having two of the most incredible kids the GOOD LORD ever brought into this world (I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has ever said that). I am a single dad and thrive on the energy of my kids and I find so much joy and happiness with every little thing they do and every fascinating thing they have to say. I believe we learn so much from kids that we can recognize and use to help make us better parents and much better individuals. I also volunteer at my kid’s school which brings so much joy and so many rewards to me (and my kids) since they ARE  our future and I wish to provide a safe and positive environment for all of them. I truly cannot say enough about how precious our youth is and how much of difference they can make for each other.

My Purpose and Aspirations . . .
My intent here is to share the “best of the best” in self help and personal development and provide the necessary resources to make a positive contribution for you to achieve ultimate happiness in your life. Realizing that most people have so much going on in their busy lives, that they just don’t make the time to experience all the greatness we have around us. I have the solution for that right here. I’ll bring the best in personal development mindset, healthy diet, financial planning, exercise ideas, positive lifestyle efficient time management, and most important to me, positive role modeling for our youth. I want to provide the most comprehensive and diverse education about all the greatness we all share, and even some humor to help provide the lighter side. It’s really about value and solutions. I truly believe that giving value and helping others will be a blessing to you and to whoever you help. No need to focus on YOU or “what’s in it for me”, but how can we provide real value to someone else?

We all face our share of challenges (some a lot more than others), I strongly believe that it’s not really what the challenges are, but how we feel about them that really matters. So changing the way we feel, instead of focusing on the challenge can help provide the solution to overcoming that challenge. I live by the belief that motivation stems from inspiration. Learning from others in their means to overcome adversity can provide that very hope and the faith that we can accomplish most things in life by rethinking the outcome. This is INSPIRATION. After all, we all are unique (and should be), and this is really gratifying to me that we share the diversity in producing genuine value with very real content that can be life-changing . . . and I hope it will.

I have always had the belief that my purpose in life is to share with others and provide a positive contribution to anyone I can, in whatever means possible. Having compassion for others and giving what you can has so many rewards. I am very ambitious and somewhat of a perfectionist, always wanting to be the best I can and do the best I’m capable of doing. I also really appreciate every little aspect of life and realize the importance of one of the most precious gifts we all have right now; the gift of TIME. So we now must make the best of that time and find ways to live to our potential so we really can enjoy every aspect of our life.

And Finally . . .
This is a continuous journey . . . one of many facets to our life and if we can apply the best methods to gain the knowledge to provide hope, keep the faith,, build belief, realize the opportunity, acquire the confidence, feel the security, determine our own success, and feel amazingly happy, then that to me is incredible VALUE. I truly believe that things happen for a reason. Not necessarily that we understand everything that happens, but that there is a greater purpose in our ventures and a meaningful destiny that awaits us.

I speak from my heart and pretty much tell it like I feel it, with integrity and sincere intentions so that we can connect and trust in each other and use that to move ahead and progress toward our common goals and beliefs. And I fully intend to earn your trust in hopes to build relationships that are really meaningful and inspiring . . . and I hope you too will share this and make a positive difference for someone else.

Sincere Regards



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